I say no not because I can
but because my anxiety speaks louder than my sanity

And it seems now that everything’s too late to be reversed



The one thing I never had
or at least
the one thing whose last encounter
I can’t even remember

I never knew how to keep my head up
When both my heart and head
think it’s better to look down

And when I know how to do it for a second
Everything sounds too good to be true
Every time, I felt stupid to believe that I am
at least good enough

Is it ever too late
to go back to the start?

As You Will

I’m a second to most
Or unnumbered almost

Words failed me
Way faster before action speaks

The line is so thin
between the reality
and the reality of my anxiety

For I can’t stay for long
nor my presence is much expected
for those I know,
please use me as You will
so that my existence and departure
will add value
for the brothers and sisters I never knew

Safe Place

I want to cry so loud that I forget what how laughter feels like
I want to laugh so happily that sorrow walks its way out
I want to scream and shout until my voice runs out
I want to forget
I want to embrace and be happy
I’m still searching for that safe place

Pointed Finger

Often times you pointed your finger
on somebody else’s faces

I was there too
I was part of it too, sometimes

Justified by what comes first
You remain the most untouchable

With the undisclosed honesty,
I’m getting tired of seeing you
often picking up the unnecessary fight

I want to say what’s honest
but as always, I’m only avoiding fire