The one thing I never had
or at least
the one thing whose last encounter
I can’t even remember

I never knew how to keep my head up
When both my heart and head
think it’s better to look down

And when I know how to do it for a second
Everything sounds too good to be true
Every time, I felt stupid to believe that I am
at least good enough

Is it ever too late
to go back to the start?


Safe Place

I want to cry so loud that I forget what how laughter feels like
I want to laugh so happily that sorrow walks its way out
I want to scream and shout until my voice runs out
I want to forget
I want to embrace and be happy
I’m still searching for that safe place

No Name

I don’t for how long have you been there
Crushing, deceiving, hanging
in the back of my head
like a bird that finds its home

I don’t know what’s your intention to come
when all you do is bringing me down
together with your own sound
why can’t you let me be what I can be

I don’t know your name though I’ve guessed
I don’t know if I want to know your name either
The young souls see you as a romantic
But I find you demonic

Despite me knowing your name
You painted black the red that used to lie within
I want to call you names,
but I don’t want romance