Pointed Finger

Often times you pointed your finger
on somebody else’s faces

I was there too
I was part of it too, sometimes

Justified by what comes first
You remain the most untouchable

With the undisclosed honesty,
I’m getting tired of seeing you
often picking up the unnecessary fight

I want to say what’s honest
but as always, I’m only avoiding fire


Dear God

To go on is the only thing I need
To be present
and lay my head to rest

I can’t do this alone
Not while the pressure is winning over

Help me to let it happen
Help me to finish what I started
Help me to finish it right
but I can’t do this alone

Happy Birthday

Today you’re turning 17

I lost track of how many years ago
My hand landed on your face
Out of anger
Out of disappointment

We grow apart
Distanced by words

Now I guess we know better
The world turns bitter
and so do we sometimes
But our heart turns softer over time

I hope it’s true
What I have in mind
about who you’ve become

I wish you to be happy
and not to make the same mistake
that I once made

happy birthday
and be thankful just like any other day

The Foreign Land

To step on a foreign land
To see the world beyond my own
You brought me to places
I had never thought of going

Before I step on a foreign land
I shall empty myself
To forget who I thought I knew I was
and let the inner soul immersed

But for now that self is in another place
A place only dawn could open

You might have another reason to carry
And so do I
but getting in your way
is the last thing I want

To step on a foreign land,
to be reckless
or to be cautious

Only until we arrive
the foreign land holds the answer


Singing my heart out
Bringing memories back to life
Through every word, I weep

I was full of worry
of the things I left behind
but in the sea of thousands of lights
I feel calm, embraced in symphony
and for one night, I let go of worry

Magical, surreal and everything in between
I couldn’t ask for something more beautiful

I can’t say anything else but
thank you, Coldplay